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Does the Killer Live in Your Home?

Carbon Monoxide and Your Furnace

Although you set the alarms and locked the doors and windows, there may still be a killer living inside your home. Your furnace may seem safe, but there are some precautions you need to take to ensure that you are not harboring a fugitive gas in your home. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and you cannot smell the gas when it is present, which makes it that much more dangerous. Read on to learn more about your furnace and keep your family safe.

Where Does the Carbon Monoxide Come From?

The harmful gas comes from your furnace when it is not working properly. Often, you will find that if you have a broken or cracked line, the gas is leaking into the home. In addition, if your furnace is in a place where it is not vented, a buildup of the gas can cause harm to you and your family.

It is essential that you have your furnace inspected on a regular basis to ensure that none of the pipes are broken and the heat exchanger is working properly. If you find that there is any damage to your furnace, you need to have it repaired quickly.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There are steps you can take around your home to prevent CO poisoning from happening. One of the first things you want to do is install a detector. Similar to a smoke detector, an alarm will sound when the gas is present in your home. This is your first line of defense to alert you that there is a problem.

To keep your home safe, change out your air filter or clean the filter regularly. It is important to make sure the air filter stays free from debris as this will allow the CO to remain in your home as it cannot pass through the filter easily.

If you think that you have a CO problem in your home, call your local furnace repair company immediately. Carbon monoxide is a serious risk and has killed many people. Don't let your family become a victim and stay up-to-date with your furnace maintenance. 

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